PHOTOS: The Cromwell is open for business

PHOTOS: The Cromwell is open for business
The Cromwell cocktail waitress Cara Laursen walks near the casino lounge on Wednesday, April 23, 2014. The $ 185 million boutique hotel recently opened at the site of the former Bill's Gamblin' Hall & Saloon at Flamingo Road and Las Vegas Boulevard.
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America's First Commercial Drone Test Site Is Now Open for Business
The site opens the door for officially-sanctioned FAA drone testing, which is the first step towards starting a government-approved drone company. Companies that use drones have been operating in legal limbo over the past few years, a situation that …
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Open for Business: LifeCycle Support
Stephanie Werkeiser is a co-owners of LifeCycle Support Inc., along with Todd Werkeiser. (Photo: George White/FOR FLORIDA TODAY). SHARECONNECTTWEETCOMMENTEMAILMORE. Owners: Stephanie and Todd Werkeiser. Product/service. : LifeCycle …
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Home Business Ideas 2014 Empowered Ezine Weighs In

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) February 23, 2014 is an online article directory where new and experienced entrepreneurs can find and share information and tips on how to choose and run the best business, and learn from top rated industry professionals. The websites motto Where knowledge equals power sums up the goal of each article posted to the site. A recently featured article on the website continues to help new entrepreneurs by offering tips on how to find the best home business ideas 2014 has to offer.

The article says, This coming year will bring a whole new round of players to the self-employment game. However, many of these new entrepreneurs will give up or fail for a number of reasons. One of these reasons might be because they expect too much too soon and take on more than they can initially handle. Its good to have big goals, but it is also important to be realistic about the steps needed to reach those goals. This is why many starting business people (even those whose goal is to run a large operation eventually) decide to start small, with a home business. There are many great home business ideas 2014 will likely see, most of which can easily be expanded when the time is right and the entrepreneur has the resources and experience available to support the growing business.

The article goes on to give some tips on what to look for when starting a business and what potential business owners should consider before they decide to start out. Some of these tips may be more obvious, while others might not be, however, they are all good reminders for anyone who is considering starting their own business.

Empowered Ezine then says, Taking the above tips into account, you may still be wondering what business to get into in 2014. The following is just a very short list of businesses that you can start in your home with little cost, which have great potential for expansion.

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How two Canadian couples are achieving their debt-free goals

How two Canadian couples are achieving their debt-free goals
Together, we are creating a plan for each to make serious progress on handling their finances and achieve their respective goals of becoming debt-free and owning a home. Follow along to take a peek inside their bank accounts. Read the previous entries …
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Debt-free district hoping to buy more fire trucks
“We have paid our debts. We are now debt-free,” Orangeburg County Fire System Coordinator Gene Ball said Monday. Being debt-free means the district can now spend the $ 285,000 it was paying on the debt each year on new fire trucks. “We have been …
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Debt Free Muslims Podcast – Interview With Shaykh Yusuf Delorenzo on Islamic
Shaykh DeLorenzo is a member of the Sharia board for the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI). He is considered a leading authority on Islamic finance in the United States. He has translated over twenty books …
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Working and Earning Money in Brazil | Brazil for Life

In this video I attempt to explain some of the challenges that someone will face when coming to Brazil with the intention of working and earning money. I dis…
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DKT Philippines Receives 4 Top Honors for Reproductive Health

Washington D.C. (PRWEB) April 24, 2014

DKT Philippines receives 4 top honors for their commitment to reproductive health, quality of consumer products and services, value proposition and pricing, customer concern and intimacy, reputable and ethical business image, and truthfulness in business management.

We are humbled and proud to have been able to help over 2.6 million families in the Philippines with family planning, reproductive health and HIV/AIDs prevention, says Patrick Louvel, country director, DKT Philippines. Every day we make health products affordable and accessible and educate men and women in cities and remote locations alike. For example we manufacture the Trust Pill and Condom, the countrys leading contraceptive brand and invest heavily in social marketing programs to provide reproductive health access to the poorest sectors. Weve sold over 100 million condoms at just 5 pesos, or about 10 cents in U.S. currency, so everyone is able to afford safe sex and prevention.

The following awards have been presented to DKT Philippines:

1. The Top Choice Awards Council has chosen DKT Reproductive Health, Inc. as the 2014 Top Contraceptive Products Provider for promoting best business practices leading to consumer welfare, consumer protection, product quality and consumer services, while helping promote nation-building and national development.

2. DKT Philippines has been awarded the 2014 recipient of the 25th annual Asia-Pacific Excellence Award for NO.1 contraceptive brand by the Asia-Pacific Excellence Award and Asian Achiever Awards Council for outstanding consumer products & achievement.

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Docstoc – Accounting and Taxes for Small Businesses

Docstoc – Accounting and Taxes for Small Businesses

from Accounting and Taxes for Small Businesses

Price: USD 0
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Super & Property Seminar – what you need to know

Super & Property Seminar – what you need to know
Event on 2014-04-30 17:30:00

Use your Super to build your wealth

The Future is Super! The new laws allowing Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) to borrow have opened new possibilities to property, shares and land investments. Don't let the opportunities pass you by.

Join us for an information packed seminar on Wednesday 30th April 2014

We will show you how to: 

1. Reduce your income tax in half with one property and build your property portfolio without affecting your lifestyle

2. Buy an investment property for as little as /week

3. Use your super fund to buy property and pay ZERO income tax, and ZERO capital gains tax

4. Structure your Super fund to take advantage of new borrowing rules.

At this event, Financial Strategist Susan Wahhab will be revealing Winner Partnership Research on some of the Best Investment Opportunities right now. We have searched the country to identify some of the best investments in terms ofRental Yield and Capital Growth. Winner Clients will get access to properties accessible only to investors and will rarely will be shown directly to the public.

Winner Partnership is a Financial Advisory Firm specialising in Tax, Financial and Property Services.

at Winner Partnership Offices
Suite 16, Level 4
Sydney, Australia

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How to Make More Money and Increase Your Salary

Click here to get my FREE REPORT: The Way to Wealth! Do you know how to make more money and increase your salary? Are …
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Announcing “Investing for Financial Security” – New Investment Training Classes With Investment Strategies For These Times

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) August 08, 2011

Trader Training Schools ( an independent investment training company, introduces “Investing for Financial Security”. This 9 hour classroom investment education course teaches adults how to invest money and create financial security with the aid of investment strategies designed for these economic times. This course is taught in a series of 3 evening classes in various cities throughout the United States. Courses are currently scheduled for Fargo North Dakota, Atlanta Georgia, and Roswell Georgia. Go to for a detailed schedule and more information.

Interviews with many persons over a number of years pointed out that most people have little or no idea how to invest money. Many talk as though they’re incapable of learning how to invest money. The truth is they’re capable, they just haven’t had the benefit of quality investment training.

Many that do invest are quick to ask a friend for a hot tip on what to invest in. In spite of their investing experience, they also lack the training they need to create a top-down approach to investing money that starts with an investment strategy, risk strategies, and an investment process to identify high quality investments with low risk and the potential for high reward.

Most people invest, or would like to invest, because they’re struggling in an economy with great uncertainty, rising cost of living, high unemployment, and a depressed housing market. They are desperate to find a solution to make ends meet financially. They’re afraid of the stock market because of the volatility and the chance of losing money.

Over the past two years, Richard Gunderson, President of Trader Training Schools, has been training adults ranging in age from their 20′s into their late 60′s in how to invest money. Some of his students have had no prior training or experience. Others have had four years or more of investing experience. They’ve found that his training simplifies investing so it’s easy to understand. Positive student feedback confirms that this training has answered many questions and effectively prepared students to invest their money. His new investment classes present a bigger picture view of investment in today’s economy and how financial security can be achieved through investing with a top down approach. It also includes subjects like investing in gold, investing in silver, and investing in exchange traded funds.

According to Richard, “my past training experiences have confirmed the importance of classroom training, especially when dealing with an important issue like investing money. Students need a resident expert that can provide timely and meaningful answers to their questions. Most people fear investing and the stock market due to their lack of knowledge. My goal is to teach students to become independent thinkers capable of using the information they gain through education to make wise decisions on their own. I’m in this to educate individuals, not to promote investment services, software, or other products.” His course Investing For Financial Security will be taught in Fargo North Dakota, Atlanta Georgia, and Roswell Georgia in October and November 2011 with training in other U.S. cities in 2012.

These are times of great economic uncertainty and fear. People need financial solutions but lack an understanding of how to invest money and create financial security. Education is the key. Trader Training Schools offers its investment training course Investing For Financial Security. Go to for more details including contact information.


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Cash for Business Ideas From New Economy Initiative Challenge

Cash for Business Ideas From New Economy Initiative Challenge
More than 135 people, representing local businesses, communities, and city government, packed the Motor City Java & Tea House on the city's far west side on Wednesday, April 16, for the unveiling of the New Economy Initiative's NEIdeas: Rewarding Ideas …
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Schoolkid Entrepreneurs Compete For Funding At Business Contest
Teams of entrepreneurial schoolkids from across Britain will gather in London next week to see which of them has the best business idea, with the winners walking away with thousands in start-up funding. The teams, who will face off for the Apax-Mosaic …
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Pitch your startup biz idea to experts
Entrepreneurs with a business idea can nominate themselves to be a part of Get Started Tucson's May 14 event, where up to five finalists will be chosen to pitch their business ideas in 2½ minutes to a panel of experts. The winner will receive a $ 5,000 …
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