Banks are lending-but no love for the little guy

Banks are lending-but no love for the little guy
Like many tenacious small business people squeezed by the credit crunch, Vij scoured the market for help in fundraising and stumbled on, which matches loan applications to a network of 1,200 lenders throughout the United States.

Homework for small businesses looking for insurance subsidy
To qualify for a tax credit for offering health insurance to their employees under the Affordable Care Act, small business owners have to do some accounting. “You need to identify the number of full-time employees,” Eric Ness, regional director for the …
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Chinese Cyberspies Are Hacking Into America's Small Businesses, But Not For
A wide range of small businesses and institutions — from pizza restaurants and medical clinics to synagogues and universities — have been both victims and unwitting accomplices in sophisticated cyber espionage campaigns being carried out by hackers …
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