CareerQA Launches Ask a Career Question Platform for Educators and Students

Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) July 17, 2013 is an online resource for students and job candidates who are trying to decide on a career path. The site is geared toward candidates from all walks of life. Whether theyre about to graduate high school and undecided about the future, already have a degree but are interested in higher education, are dissatisfied with their current job, or are unemployed and looking to gain an edge, CareerQA can help. CareerQA has added an Ask a Career Question to their site, so wherever they stand, visitors can get expert advice thats specific to their situation from the companys team of recruiters and headhunters.

Over the past few years, the economic recession has dramatically altered the landscape for job hunters. Job candidates can no longer earn a degree and simply hope to find a job. Not every field has the demand it once did, which can make deciding on a career and an educational path even more challenging. It can be tough for even the most qualified candidates to make their voices heard in a job market that is flooded with competition.

What many candidates dont realize is that some fields are growing quickly and have greater opportunity for advancement, while others are in a holding pattern or even shrinking. Through a combination of well-researched content and helpful, personalized advice, CareerQA aims to help job candidates make career path decisions which are specific, intelligent, and custom tailored for success so that they can rise above the flood.

While its still possible to make it in todays tough job market, CareerQA suggests job seekers have a plan. The site can help them figure out whether they need a degree to qualify for a certain position and what field to major in. Candidates can research jobs and quickly find up-to-date information on salaries, demand, and rate of growth (or otherwise). CareerQA can help people decide which career paths are most likely to bring them satisfaction. And, the site facilitates the university application process by providing forms to relevant colleges and also offers resources to help students find a job after graduating.

CareerQA sprang from the simple idea that the quality of the career you choose determines a large part of the quality of your life, said a spokesperson for the company. It can be a devastating thing — in a real, literal way– to invest yourself into what seems like a promising career only to find that the field youre trying to enter is closed to you. You dont have time and money to waste. Our goal is to help you save both and choose the career which will most enhance your life.

About is a comprehensive online resource that aims to help job candidates discover the best career path. Founded and run by a team of recruiters, the site offers visitors assistance with all aspects of the job search, from determining what careers are most suitable to applying for positions in different fields. And now career seekers can get personalized from the sites recruiting and headhunting professionals. For more information, visit:

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