Chicago Real Estate Investment Business Overview

Chicago Real Estate Investment Business Overview
Event on 2013-12-19 19:00:00

Congratulations on taking the first step toward your financial freedom!

Investors and Business Owners make up the majority of the elite 1% of this country. Want to work smarter for yourself? Want to be financially free? I would like to invite you to our 2-hr orientation where you will meet with our local real estate investment team and learn more about what we do as real estate investors & business owners. Be prepared to take copious notes and gain a wealth of information. Whether you like real estate or not, you might not realize yet that you already are an investor. Either you invest in yourself OR someone else’s dreams! Most people either PAY a rent/mortgage or GET PAID rent/mortgage. Which would you prefer?

At our 2-hr business and real estate investing orientation, we intend to show why that possibility has slipped past the 99%! We will show you how to:

-Think like the Wealthy

-Make 00-50 Additional Monthly Income

-Get up to 0k in Funding for your business

-Invest in Real Estate WITHOUT your own money


In Real Estate Investing: We are looking for those who want to learn how to be an investor and those who want to build wealth through investments in Real Estate. Not only do we invest locally, but we also invest nationwide. Our investment associates earn anywhere from k-0k per transaction depending on the type of real estate. A real estate license or experience is not necessary, but if you have either, great! Either way, we are here to show you how to be a SUCCESSFUL real estate investor, where to invest, and various ways to make money. We work with everyone in our real estate investor training programs and are here to help you build your own real estate investment portfolio.

In Sales/Marketing: If you enjoy getting out and meeting people, attending our wealth building workshops and real estate seminars can help you to network. In addition to helping other people interested in real estate get started with their home based business. You can do most all your work from home! Once certified, our sales agents are paid to enroll new real estate investing training associates. We get paid on Tuesday's & Friday's (8X a month). Our home based business is yours to control as long as you are willing to network and help provide customer service to the people you enrolled. That's it!

We are very selective of whom we work with, and timing is everything. NOW IS THE TIME to make YOUR move towards building wealth. Register for a real estate seminar and come learn how you can build that massive and passive income working with us. We have local offices and we work with our associates making sure they are successful. CHANGE YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE, Register Above!


at Finley Rd
Finley Rd
Downers Grove, United States

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