Image by amirjina
The sewing machines given to the villages (like in the previous picture) become sources of income for their owners. Taking orders and making repairs for their neighbours, some have even started small businesses in their villages and reached out to neighbouring ones.

These lines and linkages not only help the person making the clothes, but keep money within the village and develop community bonds. In a disaster, this social fabric – difficult to measure and difficult to create – can be the difference between life and death.

To see why I was in Bangladesh click here, or take a look at the previous or next photo in the series.

If you are interested, please view the series to see what I found and what I learned in my few weeks in Bangladesh, visiting some of the most vulnerable people anywhere on our planet.

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  1. roksoslav says:

    Great comment, great colors!

  2. miradasdebrisa says:

    This world-class image was found in
    Global Village 2 (post 1 – give a globe to 5)

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