Fix It Business MasterClass Program – Making Great Decisions

Fix It Business MasterClass Program – Making Great Decisions
Event on 2013-06-24 08:30:00

Fix It MasterClass Program

Every year companies waste huge amounts of time and money putting up with problems rather than solving them. A successful, growing and profitable company is the result of making, and implementing, great decisions whether they are strategic or tactical. They build momentum and consistency and this program will show you how to achieve success.

In this series of 6 half day MasterClasses you hold the key to not only building but running a successful, growing and rewarding business – whilst having some fun too! This program will guide you through the why's, how's, what's of problem solving.

Shirley will, using a mixture of talk and chalk, interactive models and discussions, guide you through a series of MasterClasses that cover the 6 critical business skills that a business owner needs; marketing, sales, finance, people, operations, plans and strategy.

Why Attend This Program

Business is tough, cash flow tight and stress levels high. So, if you could reduce your financial waste and stress levels by solving problems you would jump at the chance wouldn't you? But the problem is that we aren't very good at solving problems. So if you need help to focus on removing the obstacles that are stopping you achieve your objectives then this program is just for you.

The program is open to 6 non-competing business owners and when we complete the program you will have a ready formed peer to peer group that you can take wherever you want – and at no extra charge!

What We Will Cover

Module One

  • How to make more money, save time and reduce stress by solving those recurring problems
  • How to avoid corporate death from a thousand problems
  • 10 questions to get to the root of the problem
  • How to make the right decisions 
  • Why teamwork is critical

Module Two – Marketing

Module Three – Sales

Module Four – People

Module Five – Money

Module Six – Strategy and Plans

Who Should Attend

Saving time & money through effective problem solving is a vital skill for business owners, family businesses, directors, senior managers & entrepreneurs who are fed up dealing with the same problems time and again.

Special Offer – The Power of Two!

Paired learning is worth its weight in gold. So I am offering a second place free of charge to a fellow director, senior manager or business owner in your organisation. The power of two learning will help you to develop and to put your plan in place because you have two champions in the business – The Power of Two – two for the price of one!

Fix It Bursary

As business professionals it's important that we help the next generation, so I have one bursary per program for a young (under 25) entrepreneur who has a trading business. Email telling me why you should be awarded the bursary.

Here's what people are saying about Shirley

“I recently completed the first session of the Fix It MasterClass Program and I have to say that Shirley has put together something that is truely unique.

During the sessions you think about YOUR business, not a fictional business as is so often the case. The major benefit of this is that you actually work on your business during the session….no sitting there thinking “This is amazing, I will definitely do this when I get back to the office” only to find that you don’t!

Thanks for working so hard to create this and I am looking forward to the next one.”Debbie Hales MD Asbestos First

"Thanks – you always manage to ask ‘those’ questions which get us thinking. I have a renewed sense of the questions I need to ask internally and the answers I need from Sales. Thanks and will keep you posted. Claire Pryce, Director at Lightmaker

“Shirley manages to explain things in a clear and simple way which makes it so much easier to understand and then implement” Andrew Gentle, Sale Director DK Holdings

I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Shirley and have now enlisted on her Fix It MasterClass Program. This has been a great way to meet with like-minded business owners to learn, discuss and mull over our day to day business problems and successes, all with Shirley by our side guiding us to make brilliant business decisions." Jo Wood Managing Partner A4G

Shirley has been called Kent's version of The Fixer, a role she is happy to accept.

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