High Heeled Guide to Surviving Divorce

High Heeled Guide to Surviving Divorce
Event on 2013-07-06 10:00:00

Are you going through or contemplating a divorce?

The high heeled guide to surviving divorce is a day that will leave you feeling fully informed, but at the same time revitalised and pampered

Not only will we advise you on some important areas, we will provide manicures, mini massages and a champagne reception so that you leave feeling pampered and supported throughout.

This is a stressful and daunting time for anyone. Overwhelmed with the financial decisions that need to be made, perhaps concerns over your children, do you have to move out of the house, are your businesses entwined . Raw and exhausted with the emotion these type of decisions are not easy. 

We understand how lonely and emotionally fraught a divorce is and we have created a 6-step process to provide you with clarity on some important subjects and make the journey a little easier. 

1.     Emotion – Change management and trauma specialist Adele Theron of The Naked Divorce will guide you in dealing with the emotional trauma, enabling you to think more clearly about the practical and financial decisions.


2.     Law – Family & Child Lawyer Laura Jennings from A City Law Firm LLP will guide you through the legal process and the routes that you can take. How to come out on top, securing your home, assets and finances as well as achieving fair custody/contact rights, business sale/assignments and protecting your share of the matrimonial assets. Her colleagues will also be on hand to discuss setting up a business on your own, Wills & Trusts, home rights and much more.


3.     Finance – Chartered Financial Planner and owner of The Women’s Wealth Expert Hannah Foxley will provide some clarity on the financial considerations that you need to be aware of and help to take some of the fear away about dealing with the money.


4.     Health and Wellbeing – Health coach and nutrition experts Tim Drummond and Phil Hawksworth from Arete Fitness will talk you through maintaining your health and wellbeing so that you look good and feel great.


5.     Style – Do you feel like you would like to have a new look for your new life? We have a stylist Anna Griffiths to take you through the seasons trends and give advice on how to dress to make sure you look your very best. 


6.     Inspirational stories – The day will end with some inspiration from Sally Beerworth who came out the other side of her divorce better than ever and started a business called The Joy of Ex.


To add to all of this there will also be a little retail therapy in the form of Stella and Dot jewellery, products from Sally Beerworth’s Joy of Ex foundation, Hannah Foxley’s brand new book The Wealthy Divorcee and Adele Theron’s book The Naked Divorce.


Bring a friend and enjoy a day of education, pampering and fun

at Central London TBC

London, United Kingdom

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