HOW TO GET MONEY : ATTRACT MONEY – Binaural Beats + Spoken Wealth Affirmations

WARNING: DO NOT listen to Binaural Beats while driving, operating equipment, or any other task that requires concentration. DO NOT listen to Binaural Beats i…

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23 Responses to HOW TO GET MONEY : ATTRACT MONEY – Binaural Beats + Spoken Wealth Affirmations

  1. lollopaluso says:

    when i think money i think bars of gold, the paper shown is good to wipe me

  2. ALL IS ONE says:

    I am attracting so much extra money by watching and making subliminal mind

  3. youngjezy23 says:

    I made 1 million sperm not money

  4. manavjot sarkaria says:

    U can use this to attract other things too lol. :)

  5. Charles Lyell says:

    Check this working tutorial how you can *Make money* online for free.
    The other day I earnt $165.44.

  6. MarcusRiceTeam says:

    Great Video….

  7. Virgil McHale says: email me for the best quality counterfeit
    bills in USA. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! Be Western union ready!!

  8. i name you my channel says:

    binaural beats are really powerful im listening to them while meditating
    since 4 years now but the real point here is to have trust in yourself,
    there is not a sound in this whole universe that will attract money to you.
    in reality, the way that humans use money is really not a positive thing
    for the earth and humanity it is one of the favorite meal of your ego. Be
    careful with this guys just remember that when you came here on earth among
    us you came here with no wallet and when you’ll close your eyes for the
    last time your wallet wont follow you. And by the way it is not by looking
    at pictures of money that you will attract it, binaural beats and solfeggio
    tones or meditation music whatever you call it are made to be listen with
    closed eyes with headphones. If you want to have a successful life (with
    or without cash) you must learn that you create your reality with your
    thougts, the person you see in the mirror is the result of your thougts you
    are responsible of what is in the mirror. everything is possible have trust
    in you and do what is good to make it happen and it will happen :) 

  9. lioness40477 says:

    Thank you for giving us this video free of charge, and for the effort you
    put into making it. <3

  10. Jock McSporran says:

    I have mades thousinds since listoning to this . I m selling more drugs and
    bashing more old peoples too get monie . I even gets soshal securitee too .

  11. martin mlupian says:

    HOW TO ATTRACT MONEY,,,,,,,,,,,99999999999999

  12. kourkoumpinakis says:

    Victor..great video but I was looking for testimonials, see if someone
    achieved any gains with it and I quit it because I was bored trying to find
    some within all this junk make-money scam pages…could you please delete
    those messages or at least screen the messages because they’re VERY
    annoying? Thanks

  13. How To Get Money Fast says:

    How Do You Make Money Fast in 60 Seconds

  14. Cora Broomfield says:

    wa.. 1 hr video? +_+

  15. How To Get Money Fast says:

    How To Get Money Fast

  16. Samuel Tetteh says:


  17. keliy84 says:

    @kafrenchable you are so correct, unfortunately many (broke mentality
    having people) do not realize this

  18. Bohemian Wrecks says:

    i am experiencing the increased flow of income, I changed my thoughts and
    changed my bank account total. It is working and FEELS good!

  19. ozzy carty says:

    add me on fb

  20. Ahren Sims says:

    Scam artist- get out.

  21. sarah monsegur says:

    very relaxing thanks..i think it’s slowly working :] … will try it
    everyday will check back in a month for a update!!

  22. Lord Brodovic says:

    I am liwing in Latvia i luck this wideo and fiew days latter i find 10
    dolars :) it nice But in Latvia we have Euro .But i hawe to say its work

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