Oakland Raider Clips Topic Top Franchise Raiders All Time 6-24-13

Oakland Raider Clips Topic Top Franchise Raiders All Time  6-24-13

This Weeks Clips Include The Discussion Of Who Are The Top 4 Franchised Raiders Of All Time Who Are Yours? SUPPORT ALL RAIDER Sites https://Raiders.com https…

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21 Responses to Oakland Raider Clips Topic Top Franchise Raiders All Time 6-24-13

  1. Mario Neri says:

    Tecmo BO Jackson! haha

  2. RaiderCentral says:

    i will discuss that on my show tonight @7PM On Ustream

  3. el2yasabes says:

    I had trouble with not having cliff branch in there

  4. sourforever says:

    I hope that’s not the former bucs QB Shaun King.

  5. Sean Mendoza says:

    Mikey, ron jaworski is ranking the qbs on espn and has ranked matt flynn at number 32 out of 32 qbs. I think that would be a great video and i would love to hear the explanation behind it. U should try to find that footage

  6. Sean Mendoza says:

    No i think the jags will be terrible possibly the bills and jets will all suck

  7. Hot1Mata says:

    I have A question Do u agree that the Raiders are the worst team in football this up coming season ? I personally think that the titants will have the worst record

  8. babyblueLEGEND says:

    Strong logic, nice list.

  9. babyblueLEGEND says:

    lol. Rod Martin, is that you?

  10. mbilagody69 says:

    Janikowskis on my list

  11. Sean Mendoza says:

    Hell no. No jim otto hes a center. Imo its al, madden, marcus aen, andthe 4th spot is between howie long and tim brown. Two record breaking FULL TIME Raiders 4 life. Otto is HOF but hes a center and had less impact than the others

  12. Osaji Obi says:

    Jack Tatum could be in place of Hendricks on my list too. The key to a Raider mount rushmore is to get the people the EPITOMIZED the Raider Mystique in the front office, head coach, offensive player, and defensive player. That would actually be Al Davis, John Madden, Jim Otto, and Jack Tatum.

  13. Osaji Obi says:

    but Ted Hendricks was on all three super bowl teams. I feel like it would be Davis, Madden, Otto, and Hendricks.

  14. TheRealDjTovio says:

    thats mines as well

  15. el2yasabes says:

    Davis is a no brainer, upshaw only player to play in superbowls in 3 decades truly signifies” team of the decades”, flores first minority coach in nfl EVER, 2 time superbowl winning coach and first qb in raiders history. Willie brown picked up from other team like many great raiders and salvaged hall of fame career, invented/perfected bump and run passed on to lester hayes, mike haynes, terry mcdaniel, charles woodson, nnamdi. I think those guys epitomize what a raider is.

  16. el2yasabes says:

    Davis, upshaw, willie brown and flores… how fat did shaun king get?

  17. tbob9133 says:


  18. tbob9133 says:

    Al Davis, art shell, John madden, jack tatun

  19. Carlos Fregoso says:

    This reporter needs a history check. Marcus Allen didn’t play for the Oakland Raiders, he played for the Los Angeles Raiders.

  20. Evan Nixon says:

    Al Davis, Art Shell, Tim Brown, John Madden

  21. raiderfan89ify says:

    AL Davis = Washington
    John Madden = Jefferson
    Jim Plunkett = Lincoln
    Marcus Allen = Roosevelt

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