The Neuroscience of Price-Design for Professional Coaches

The Neuroscience of Price-Design for Professional Coaches
Event on 2014-01-13 13:00:00

January is the best month to implement and communicate new coaching packages and raise your prices!

$  Do you know what determines the 'right' price?
$ Do you want to serve your clients more powerfully while filling your bank accounts
$ Do you want to make more money in alignment with your mission and

Every second coach makes less than 000 revenue per year.
Every second coach goes out of business before the end of his third year in business because it is not sustainable.

I'm committed to change that.

Because I know that for every coach who goes out of business there are thousands of people world-wide whose goals stay unreached and whose dreams stay unfulfilled.

One huge difficulty for most coaches is to get their 'head around pricing'.

If you are one of them this highly interactive workshop is for you!

I'll teach you, coach you, transform you and show you exactly how to do it so that you leave by the end of the workshop with:

1. The emotional transformation and 'brain-shift' you need to raise your prices

2. The precise action steps to follow to raise your prices by the end of January

3. The commitment and the alignment to really do it 

Investment for coaches and service providers alike:

SDPCA member discount:

Investment includes a powerful handout PLUS the bonus: 

My powerful personal 'Pricing Manifest'.

Please tell me that you have signed up and send me your most burning question around pricing via email so I can make sure the workshop addresses your needs:

at Embassy Suites San Diego Bay – Downtown
601 Pacific Highway
San Diego, United States

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