Unlock Your Potential

Unlock Your Potential
Event on 2014-01-11 09:00:00

This Event will prepare you to explore New Opportunities

Our workshops will provide you with the tools to Unlock Your Potential by discovering your talents to become financially secured.

YOU will learn

  • How to Discover Your Talent
  • Strategies to Develop, Deploy & Promote Your Talent
  • Values that Create Wealth
  • Networking with Your Partners of Destiny
  • How to generate Inspiring Ideas
  • Steps to become Financially Secured
  • Values that Leave a Legacy
  • How to Write, Publish & Market a Bestselling Book


About The Speakers

Yinka Oshin is a Christian Entrepreneur, a seasoned author, and a researcher. He is the Editor of The Talent Journal, a media publication focused on inspiring people to discover, innovate and promote their talents for personal and mutual benefits.

He is passionate about using innovative strategies to communicate the Christian message to inspire and change lives. He is the author of Judge Theo – The Final Judgment, God Has Got Talent – ME, Health and Safety Bible, A Global Plan for A Global Problem, How to Become Debt Free by Discovering Your Talent – A Seven Steps Model, and numerous other books.

Funmi Oyedele is the CEO of Top Specialist, a cakes, snacks & events management business; she is an ardent reader and passionate about empowering others to discover their gifting in life. She is keen on imparting values that contributes to success in business, family and life.

Kunle Dosumu is a researcher, multimedia expert and business consultant. His guiding principle is “The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed”; this principle has motivated him to be passionate about change management. He is a fervent advocate of preparing for change as a safeguard for achieving success.

Kehinde & Taiwo Adesina are twin sisters; both are writers and lawyers specialising in criminal law and initiatives to combat domestic violence in family relationships. Their books include Become All that God Has Created You to Be, The Beginners’ Guide to Wealth Creation, The Beginners’ Guide to Writing, Self-Publishing and Marketing a Book and A Simple Guide to UK Immigration.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to discover the tools that will assist

you to Unlock Your Potential and become financially secured.

Email: events@thetalentjournal.com

Web: www.thetalentjournal.com

Discover | Innovate | Promote

at Greenwich Community College, London
95 Plumstead Road
Woolwich, United Kingdom

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